Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My babies are growing up!

Lately I've been frantically preparing graduation announcements - those for my youngest, Natalie, who is graduating from high school, and those for my oldest, Stephanie, who is graduating college. When I picked up photos to insert in the announcements, I looked at graduation cards, and reality hit. Now, I am not your weepy mom type, but I truly got tears in my eyes realizing that my little girls, both beautiful, talented, and independent, will need and even want me or my input less and less. After all, that is what I raised them to do! I am so proud of who each of them are, but I am already missing being as important a part of their life as I used to be. Guess this is what they mean by the empty nest syndrome!


Christy said...

First, yes, it is the EN syndrome but just wait... someday they will have babies and you will be their super star and go to for all moments of advice, frustration and joys. Congrats to you and to your amazing girls!

Stephanie said...

I love you!