Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How hiring someone else saves you money

Okay,  okay, I know this sounds like a sell.  And I guess in some ways it is.  But how many times have you tried to do something yourself and were disappointed in the results?  or found that it simply was too tricky? or took too long? or the directions you found on-line didn't tell you how to approach that corner or work around that plumbing?  

Then you understand the saying, "Time is money."  We are all busy people, with more than enough to do on any given day.  We don't like to waste our time.  Hiring a faux finisher can get you the results you want without wasting your time.  Not only that, a good business person will explore different finishes and looks with you if you are having trouble making a decision, work with existing fabrics, colors, and art work in your home, and customize a sample board for you if you desire.  

Perhaps you think it will cost too much to get the finish you desire.  When you are holding your initial meeting with a faux finisher, be sure to let them know your budget.    They will show you finishes that are more likely to fit into your budget; even that keeps from wasting time, both yours and theirs.  If the finish you really want is a bit too costly, maybe they can devise ways to enlist your help, such as base coating, which saves them a step and could reduce the cost a bit. Or maybe they can work with your current base coat.  Perhaps just painting an accent wall would make enough of a change, and would be a more budget-wise option.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  

Another huge money saver is having your wood cabinets refinished instead of replaced. Although this is a multi-step job which requires an extended time period, the difference could be tens of thousands of dollars!  The client whose cabinets are pictured above was told it would cost $40,000 to put up the new cabinets she wanted, but I refinished them for less than $6,000!  Definitely worth it, don't you think?  If you click on the flickr link on the right, the before picture of her kitchen is in my faux picture set, and the change is quite dramatic. 

Think again about creating a special finish for that room you keep changing.  Don't be afraid to contact me and get a quote or two or three - you might learn that together we can achieve a beautiful look within your budget. 

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