Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun with a friend!

Saturday I drove over to Daytona Beach to see my friend, Vicky, who recently moved back to Florida. She helped me load my U-haul when I left Wyoming, and we have been friends for fifteen years. My head is spinning from all the talking and laughing, designing and decision-making, painting and mess-making! Her new home had a "circus peanut" orange color on the kitchen walls, which we promptly base-coated over so that faux could be added. We decided to faux her entry columns in a copper base with black glaze over, and the accent wall in the living room next to the columns in a copper stone, which I extended to the bridge over the columns. She has promised to send me pictures (of course I forgot my camera)- I'll post them!

We stayed up late working and being goofy, posing on top of the high open wall, painting faces on my leg, talking, crying, and otherwise doing all the things long-time girlfriends do. I taught her how to glaze, and she glazed the lower kitchen walls - beautifully, I might add!

Unfortunately, I had to cut my visit short by a day to come home to take care of my puppy's injuries, but she knows how to do the last finish we were planning for the upper kitchen and dining room walls, and has a great start to adding the color she loves to her house! She took good care of me with lovely accomodations, homemade food, and whatever drink I desired :). I'm going back, and she'd better come here!

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Christy said...

I can't wait to see these photos, especially the columns. They just sound yummy. Especially as I already have an affection for gold and bronze, now I have recently fallen for copper too! Sounds like a good time was had by all and how wonderful to have your girlfriend closer for you to each visit!!