Monday, December 1, 2008


My family really isn't close, and we don't have too many traditions. Sometimes when I have gone home to visit for a week, my sister has only had time to see me once for 45 minutes. So this visit last week was very special, because in my four day stay I saw my sister three days in a row and the rest of my family twice for several hours at a time! I met my great nephew for the first time, and reintroduced myself to my great niece - they are so cute and we had a marvelous time playing together. Although it didn't snow, it had snowed, so we did get to see the white stuff on the ground and have some great photos. We probably won't get up north again for several years, but we do so hope that some of the family can come down to Florida to enjoy the sunshine and beaches!

Back to work tomorrow, and I'll have some new faux finishing photos soon!


Christy said...

All three of you look happy as can be. So good to hear you got a bit of a break and enjoyed the holiday. We still need to meet-up to give you your collage. If not I'm going to have to break down and mail it to you. LOL

Stephanie said...

You look so happy, mom!! Oh my goodness she's so huge, and looks so much like Beth!! And he looks like Jeff, I can't even stand it. I'm glad you all had a great time there...can't wait to see you!