Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing photos

It's been a while since I've followed up on my work, but here are the garage doors I finished last month, and columns that I did two days ago. These are not in the same home. I enjoy working outside when the weather is nice; however, these doors were in the bright sun most of the day, which meant I only had the first few hours of each morning to work. When the sun heated up the fiberglass it was impossible to move the faux product and would have produced undesirable results. Not a problem - loved the challenge!

These columns were a simple plain cream color which was a distraction, so this soft finish really packs a punch! They don't steal the show from the beautiful doors or lovely marble surfaces - they blend well and add to the textures and colors of the home. I was able to complete them in one day because of their small size.

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Arthur said...

Hi Peggy,
Arthur from the Forum here, thought I would chime in here and pass on a little trick when doing those overhead doors that'll saves ya time and alot of sweat lol. Take a couple of extension ladders (I use the small and light wieght 16fter's) stand them up against the house and get a half a dozen or so of those heavy duty spring clamps that you can get from home depot. Drape a large canvas dropcloth (10x12 or larger)across the front of the ladders and clamp it down to the rungs or the rails at the top and the bottom of the ladders to make a shade. believe it or not it keeps the overhead door and as well as you alot cooler and more comfortable when doing that great woodgrain technique you got there.
Only thing is, you want to be careful that it isnt to windy outside because it could act like a kite also lol, I have had to tie my ladders off a couple of times at the top and for the bottom I would hang a 5 gal bucket of water at the bottom on the backside to anchor it lol.....Hope you dont mind me jumpin in here but I like to help fellow artists when I can. My Blog will be up and runnin soon. Your work is great!