Monday, March 2, 2009

Finding my muse

After a little disappointment on the job front, I felt a need to be productive in some way other than housework (don't we all?). On Saturday I wasn't completely sure of my direction after deciding that I needed to rework my inchie canvas, but suddenly I felt the urge to drill. Yes, drill, as to put holes into things. So I pulled out all kinds of metal, plastic and wood embellishments I had saved and drilled away! It felt great!

On Sunday I got to Lakes Park just after the gates opened at 8 a.m. to look for birds, critters, and scenery to photograph. It was amazingly quiet there, and the birds were rather shy, but I managed to find a few treasures. Some of the camoflauge was awesome!

First is a little yellow finch, who came out of the center of his tree to pose for me, then a red wing blackbird scolding me for getting too close, a portal through the trees, and a spider web glistening in the sunbeam (there is actually another, larger spider web to the right that you might be able to see if you enlarge the photo).

I hope you enjoy the few pictures I am sharing today. I am off to walk a dog, then on to a lovely day with my best friend......part of which involves getting a new canvas for my inchies!

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ARTifact & whimsy said...

Your work is amazing!! I'd LOVE to have you faux some of my walls/furniture!! I picked up some inexpensive furniture at garage sales last summer with hopes of just re-painting but would LOVE to do something fabu like you do!! U make me a happy person! Hugs, Dawn
p.s. i wish i could go for a walk with you with my camera , all we have is SNOW!