Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Sale?

This week I have been helping a friend of mine prepare her home for sale - taking off wallpaper, adding texture, priming, and soon I will paint, all in the main bathroom. When she bought this home three years ago she put a lot of money into remodeling the kitchen, so now it's time to update the bath......including the 1980 formica cabinetry. She's such a dear friend and sweet, loving lady, that I just want to help her get it sold in this poor market.

Oh! Let's not forget that tomorrow ends the OWOH event, and I will not take any submissions to the drawing after 6 P.M. I'll have my daughter help me choose first for the two pendants, then for the photo, and will post them Friday morning. I'll be sure to contact the winner via their email, also! Won't this be fun????!

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